Monday, March 19, 2012

First post

I am not really a "blogger". So this is probably won't be a "must read". I'm going to treat this as sort of an update on life!

I've noticed how difficult it is to keep up with people without being on social networks. I am not a fan of facebook, I tried twitter for a week- pinterest lasted a month (maybe)... I just get so sucked in to the addiction of social networking. I spent WAY too much time on facebook, I felt entitled to send out my personal thoughts on twitter, and I fed my idolatry with pinterest-- well NO more! I'm a firm believer in personal relationships. I want my friends to call or send a text asking me to meet up. I want face to face contact with those in my life. This blog is for those who live too far away for that kind of a relationship or people who are around here but may not have the same schedule as the crazy Piatt's :)

I love you all and want to share this journey with you. I don't want to send out mass emails and then panic about who I'm leaving out!!

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