Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our "check box" child

Our Adoption Education Seminar is Saturday! YAY!

The initial questionnaire really brought up some exciting questions and feelings. I find myself constantly wondering what our sweet baby will look like... will you be a he or she? Will you have lots of hair or no hair at all? Will you be big or small? Will you have light or dark skin? How will you prefer to be held?... WHEN will you be here?

As excited as I am to start our family, this questionnaire brought up some equally terrifying questions as well. As an adoptive family you are given a unique opportunity to some how "create" your child with a simple check of a box. Three categories 1) will accept 2) willing to discuss 3) cannot accept
-male or female
-african american
-biracial AA/C
-biracial H/AA
... and so on with ethnicity
-birthmother with mental illness
-history of mental illness in family
-extended stay in hospital/NICU
-substance abuse
-baby with known disability
-result of sexual abuse
...the list goes on..

This questionnaire broke my heart. I hate what SO many people go through and how many children end up in the foster system. While this list of yes and no's is intimidating, it's also encouraging - we are going to raise a child in a loving home that other wise would have a very different and possibly heart wrenching story. I am excited to meet our child and also know the Lord has a perfect plan.

From the sweet children's book:
I Wished For You
an adoption story
by: Marianne Richmond

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