Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holy paperwork!!!

Jake is off work until Thursday and we are really glad we anticipated needing time to work on our application. Not only is it wonderful to spend time together, catch up on much needed rest, and play :)... we were able to complete the bulk of our application yesterday! We worked over 6 hours answering questions, hunting down all our information, checking bank statements, and making copies!

Everything we could get done yesterday we did... now we need to make a few calls to insurance, go to a clinic for TB/HIV testing, and have a quick physical assessment! Hopefully we will get those checked off today or tomorrow! I believe we may be the "over achievers" of our seminar! Once complete I'm driving to Dallas to hand deliver- mail is TOO slow. 

I'll say one thing, they definitely won't be waiting on us for anything! Let's get this baby ;)

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