Sunday, April 22, 2012

a little bit of progress.. I'll take it!

I spoke with our agency early last week and confirmed they received our application. They informed me they had all they needed from us and to wait until they contact us to set up the Home Study. I was glad to touch base with them and know they're looking over all of our finances and deciding if we are qualified to adopt. I really haven't been fearful of them turning us down or anything, but I'm just a little anxious about how long the process will take. ---again, they gently told us to wait... I'm sensing a common theme ;)

Well, I logged into our bank account on Friday just to pay some bills and double check everything. To my surprise the check we sent with our application for the Home Study is already cashed!! Now, we haven't heard anything from them yet but we took this as great news. I don't know how soon they'll contact us, but that little bit of progress was SO encouraging and exciting. Quick reminder of the upcoming process.. once our application is approved they'll schedule a home study, the Home study is three separate visits to the home. They will conduct three different interviews in our home- one together, Jake by himself, and me by myself. When Home Study is complete we will pay a fee to "activate" our profile- give them our 8 family profile books for potential birthmothers and we will officially be on the list. As soon as they have our profile and activation fee they could show our profile that very same day!! I will update as soon as we hear anything!

In the mean time, a sweet friend of ours is taking adoption "maternity" photos for us this Wednesday. We are going to use some for our profile book and hopefully use some for the nursery makeover. I'm so excited to see how these turn out. It's a beautiful way for us to document this exciting time and not feel we are "missing out" on ALL things related to starting a family.

Here's  a shot of the props I'm working on for the shoot.

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  1. Yay for progess! I CANT wait to see those photos - they are going to be so awesome!