Monday, May 21, 2012

Good morning Monday!

The lady from Hope Cottage, we'll call her Mrs. N, had a family emergency last week and called to cancel my Friday interview. I was under the impression that Jake's interview (scheduled for 9am this morning) was also cancelled. Well, my phone rang at 8:30 am and it was Mrs. N. She was calling to say she was "running late but should be there in about 45 minutes"... I went into crazy mode. I woke Jake up screaming she's coming, she's coming...

haha. Okay so, for those who really know me well, you know my home is generally about 30 minutes from being "picked up" at all times. However, Jake was sick all last week and my housekeeping skills were almost nonexistent. So we both frantically started cleaning and running around like crazy people. I'm so grateful for my husband because he stopped me mid-dusting and hugged me, said good morning, kissed me, and prayed for our visit. Whew- deep breath!! We were able to get the house "ready".. but I definitely didn't get to vacuum or bathe Zoie, and make the PERFECT first impression I was anticipating!

So Mrs. N arrives and she is sooooo wonderful. We really like her and her sweet spirit so much. She comes in and instantly compliments our home and how beautiful it is.. sigh of relief, she didn't notice the dead bug in the corner. She comments on how cute zoie is and goes to pet her and Zoie yelped SO loud. I've never really seen/heard her do that other than when Jake is rough housing with her. So I'm mortified and thinking we failed because our 5 pound yorkie scared this poor lady. Haha. She assured us it was no big deal and made a joke about having a small dog and understanding completely. Wow. Ridiculous morning. Dirty home, 30 minutes to get ready for the biggest house guest EVER, and our perfect temperament dog yipping at our case worker. Awesome.

All that to say, Jake's interview went REALLY well! Thank God.

My interview is at Hope Cottage tomorrow @10:30 am.


  1. Even a BIG bug in the corner couldn't keep her from seeing that you guys are going to be incredible and loving parents! No one expects you to be perfect. got this.

  2. haha it was a fun reminder that we are definitely NOT perfect! It really was a pretty funny morning, and I'm glad for the reminder I'm not in control. Also, glad I didn't have the whole weekend to stress over making the house perfect. :) Thanks cous

  3. I can't wait for the day when my house is "usually 30 minutes from picked up!" I'm sure you both made great impressions. Can't wait to hear what happens next!!!