Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Small news but good news

Our case worker called this morning to touch base. I completed a survey they sent out asking for feedback on their seminar. I was so happy to return this and thank them for the time they put into the seminar!

Also, we've been very anxious waiting to hear how our application process is coming along. She was so sweet to update us on the upcoming process. They are waiting for our background checks and then will call us to set up our interviews. I thought all three interviews were conducted in our home, but turns out we have a choice for our individual interviews. We can go into the office or ask her to come here. She said we could discuss that later!

With fear of looking too desperate or something, I've been hesitant to contact and ask how everything is going and she said, "we take your quick completion of the application as excitement, and we are so happy you and jake are moving forward with us"....She also reassured me that we have open communication and I can contact her ANY time. What a wonderful Tuesday, one little step closer.

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