Thursday, May 31, 2012

We are SO close

Today we completed our last interview! We are very excited nearing the end of this process and entering our "official" waiting period. Although, we've been waiting four years to start our family I feel this process is going a lot quicker than expected. I know we don't actually have our sweet baby yet, but everything is falling into place nicely. Our counselor, Mrs. N, is working hard to complete her report so we are able to pay our fee and get started. She's so sweet and our final interview was wonderful. It's interesting to hear people's responses to our heart and she was so complementary of our openness and ability to communicate the good, bad, and the ugly. I realize today even more how grateful I am to have Jake as my husband. He is such a wonderful partner and we compliment each other so well. We are so blessed to have a successful, happy, safe, and loving marriage.

 Thank you Lord for the unique gifting you've given both of us and the way we compliment and complete each other. Thank you for this plan you've laid out for our lives. Thank you for our desire to love You and each other to the best of our ability. Thank you Lord for the perfect picture of love by your adoption of us and the death of your Son. Please watch over our sweet baby as they grow, protect them and help the birthmother feel peace in knowing there is a family waiting to welcome and love her child. Continue to encourage and strengthen us through this process. We pray our adoption glorifies You. 

Here is Jake's letter to the birth mother. It was difficult to get his thoughts on paper. After a few rewrites of his original draft he realized there were two things he wanted his letter to portray. He wanted to say "thank you" and he wanted them to know what he promised to do for their child, how exactly he wanted to love our baby. He really amazes me. 

Dear Birth Mother,

            It is difficult to know exactly what I want to say to someone I’ve never met and whose story I don’t know. I’d like to start by saying I’m overwhelmed with admiration for your strength in choosing adoption.

            I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your courage in choosing adoption. Thank you for the selflessness and love you have for your child. Thank you for giving us the gift of parenthood. I will forever be grateful.

I desperately want you to understand my heart and what you can expect when your child completes our family. This is the best way I know how to express my promises to you:
  • I will love your child and raise them to the best of my ability. 
  • I will love my wife and give your child a stable and safe home.
  • I will provide for your child.
  • I will teach your child to love God and others.
  • I will pray for your child.
  • I will encourage, laugh, and have fun with your child.
  • I will discipline your child in a loving way.
  • I will make sure your child always knows your love for them.
  • I will cherish your child for the rest of my life.
Thank you.

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