Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The first call

3:24 Monday afternoon I missed a call from Hope Cottage. The message came with a sweet greeting and the amazing, terrifying, exciting, and emotional words "I have a potential opportunity for your profile to be shown"----WHAAAT?? I was at the movies with a friend and I was hyperventilating, kind of crying, laughing, and I'm not sure what else. In the moment, I wished Jake were right next to me so I could put everything on speaker phone and I was thinking, it's been less than two weeks- we are totally going to be THAT couple! I decided I better call and get all the information before I called him; I didn't want him to wait with overwhelming anticipation. So I called Hope Cottage back, gathered the information and said "let me talk to my husband." Now, this was a unique case and we were able to decide it wasn't the right fit for us with some ease. We called Hope Cottage back to let them know we didn't want our profile shown.

We felt very excited to receive a call- and of course we wished it were THE call, and the right fit. However, it feels good to have a call, and a "no" under our belt. For those who aren't familiar with the process: when Hope Cottage has a birthmother who may be a good fit for us they will contact us, give us the details of the situation, and ask us if we would like to have our profile shown. If we say yes, they will show our profile and two others to the birth family. Then she chooses from those profiles!! Ultimately it has to be a good fit for everyone involved and they try to protect the hearts of us all. I pray we trust ourselves to know when it's a right fit and when it's not. This one was a clear "no" for us, but I'm not sure it will always be so clear. Also, I was encouraged by a sweet girl not to feel guilty about saying no, and realize it's not my burden to worry when and how these sweet children will find their forever family. I did pray for her and I trust she is going to find the best home-- 

♥ “There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.”  
-National Adoption Center 

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  1. That is incredibly encouraging after less than two weeks! And you're right, your baby will find you and you'll know when it's right. God has this situation and you and Jake and your baby and your future altogether in HIS hands. Very excited to see you excited and encouraged! Love you cousin.