Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

20 Reasons why I love and appreciate my dad

1. He delivered a line from Talladega Nights as he walked me down the aisle. 

2. He's good help! 

3. He's a hard worker- he was always a great provider and an amazing po-po. 

4. He's fun, loving, and talented. (picture after playing trumpet in community band)

 5. He's a nut!

6. He has fun no matter what he's doing.

7. He taught me how to pull off pranks... or "goofs" as we like to call them. My mom calls them lies.. 

8. He can still fit in a suit from the good ole days.

9. He taught me everything I know about volleyball... well, maybe not, but he always supported me. 

**bonus fact-he appreciates the finer things in life, like gently worn board shorts.

10. He's a wonderful grandpa.. can't wait for you to meet your nieto. ;)

11. He's a great athlete. 

12. He's a mighty sledder. 

13. When a woman cries he offers a glass of water. 

** came in handy on my wedding day**

me: I'm getting married 
(with a hint of panic because I'd been running late all day and it hadn't really sunk in)

dad: yea. you are.

me: could I get a glass of water?
 ( I guess it was my way of asking for his support- he didn't fail me on this day either.. glass of water STAT!)

14. No matter the importance of the news his response is always "good deal".

15. He's a bada** snake wrangler.

16. He sent an audition tape to be on Survivor (too bad you didn't have that snake video back then)

17. He took me to the shooting range when I was just a little girl.

18. He is borderline OCD on his apple/chip/sandwich ratio.

19. He sweats clean.

20. He introduced me to westerns and encouraged my love for John Wayne.


Thanks for being a strong, fun, godly father.

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