Friday, June 22, 2012

Waiting with a purpose

We've been waiting to become parents for 4 years. It's pretty cool to feel like we are waiting with a purpose during this season. We WILL be parents, and we WILL have our own sweet baby. I feel fairly numb during this time, and I am beginning to think it's the Lord protecting me from my emotions over ruling me. I find myself having a hard time investing any emotions into other people- but I'm grateful my emotions for my husband and my Savior seem to be soaring. I'm currently doing a Beth Moore bible study with some wonderful women, and the Lord is really speaking to my heart. Showing me ways He wants to change my heart and allowing my numbness to be lifted in order to serve and love Him.

I also realize the one thing on this earth that makes my heart skip a beat is my dear husband. He amazes me every day--- I am never numb towards him. He is so wonderful.  I love him for being such a safe place and for his capacity to love everyone around him. What a joy. This picture breaks my heart.. I'm so ready for the day he is able to hold our sweet baby.

Jake and sweet Finley Jean!

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