Saturday, July 7, 2012

a beautiful, crazy, wedding week!

This week my best friend from college, Maegan, married the man of her dreams! I went down to Kyle, Tx Sunday to help her, her mom, and her sister get everything finished up for the big day. The wedding was yesterday and I'm glad to be home, and so happy I was able to be with her all week!!

*the beautiful bride*

*my wonderful, helpful husband*

*so awesome Katherine and Robby came down for the festivities*

*Love these girls*

Okay, so here's a run down of my crazy crazy week. Sunday and Monday involved lists, burlap, scanning pics for wedding slideshow, a small birthday celebration (I turned 26 monday, woohoo), and a dress fitting. The dress fitting was for me- my bridesmaid dress came in a few weeks ago and was about 2 inches or more away from closing, eeeek! So arriving early allowed me to take it to the place I ordered it from and get their wonderful seamstress to fix this dress. 

Tuesday- obviously we worked on wedding stuff all day, but about 2 pm I got a call from Hope Cottage. A baby boy was born tuesday 2:35 am. We were given a lot of information birth weight, birth mother, and birth father. I immediately called Jake and tried to rush through all the information without breaking down so he'd be able to understand every word. ANOTHER CALL!.. so floored by this. So we took a deep breath and didn't have to give an answer to our profile being shown until Thursday. We agreed we wanted to say yes. YES! It was a very interesting feeling to think and hope and pray this little boy could be our son. 

Wednesday- I worked on a slideshow all day and was feeling pretty bad. I got a skin infection behind my ear a few weeks ago, I think from the bachelorette weekend in padre.. the dirty, dirty south got me again ;).. So my ear and neck started swelling, but I'd been on antibiotics for a while so I figured I was okay. Well, I was anxious to call the agency but wanted to wait for Jake to join me-he planned on coming down thursday morning. To my surprise my sweet husband shows up Wednesday night with pink roses for me and light pink roses for the bride-to-be. I was so ready to see him and I know he was happy to finally arrive. He had a blow out on the way down :/. Dinner and drinks with Maegan, her mom and sis, and her in-laws then off to bed.

Thursday- We called Miss N and said yes. We learned baby was released from hospital and in the TLC home (the foster home paired with Hope Cottage). She told us they were showing profiles on Friday and depending on how soon the decision is made we could know Friday and bring baby home MONDAY!! What an emotional day. So, on to more wedding- final dress fitting and it was STILL too tight, so I had to wait there for about an hour for her to fix it. Barely make it to the rehearsal on time.. whew we are almost there. After the rehearsal dinner my neck was killing me. I sat in the shower with a hot towel on my neck and hoped the pain would go away. Jake finally convinced me to go to the ER and get some medication. I'm so glad I did. Two antibiotics, steriod, and hydrocodone later I finally got some sleep. 

Friday- Maegan wouldn't let me help with wedding stuff because she wanted me to rest up!! Good friend, but I felt so helpless. I woke up feeling better and made it through the day with hydrocodone every 4 hours on the dot. The whole time with a pit in my stomach hoping Miss N would call with good news. Wedding ceremony at 3 pm--My dress fit, everything went well, the bride looked stunning!!! Then a long, beautiful, fun reception til midnight! Country folks can party and dance all night :)... no phone call. 

Today we woke up about 10:30 and made the drive home. I did not feel too well, pretty drugged, tired, and my glands are still uncomfortably swollen. I called my mom and asked if she could make me some chicken tortilla soup....Shower, epsom salt and heat compress, Dan and bridgette dropped off little Zo, so happy to see that little pup. (thanks guys, I think she got a lot of treats and attention because she's acting disappointed we're back!!!)....and then a five hour nap. I just finished a bowl of soup and I'm feeling better, thanks momma. 

Please pray for quick healing-- I've been on antibiotics for two weeks and now have another two weeks of stronger meds. Also, please pray for the sweet birth family of the little boy to make the right decision for them. We are praying it's us and really hope we get a phone call monday and they say "you've been picked, you can pick up your son today"... Again, we are encouraged by another call in such a short time, and are very excited we felt led to say yes. What a journey we are on :) I'll update as soon as we learn anything.

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