Thursday, July 26, 2012


I am lazy. period.

I want to sleep in, eat bags of candy, never work out, and look like a fitness model-- what's the problem?? haha.

Public confession-I need to work out!! Most of the time working out is for vanity's sake, and I admit I fall into this temptation quite often; however, I also understand the discipline of staying fit encourages discipline in all areas of my life. I feel better about myself when I'm exercising and I find increased energy.

I can't believe I'm only 26 and I already do the "I used to be in shape"... "used to be an athlete"... etc. I'm not saying I'll ever look like an 18 year old collegiate athlete again. Frankly, I don't want to. I love feeling more feminine- but it's time to take a stand. 

For the past few years I've gone back and forth. Very motivated for a month or so, and then back to my old habits. 

This wishy-washy attitude towards my fitness and overall appearance is pretty depressing. 

My diet consists of fat, sugar, carbs, beer (it's a category of it's own), more sugar, and more fat. I eat terribly empty calories and wonder why I gain weight...

Agreed. I love food. BAD bad food. I can't stand fruits and vegetables- so I'm very limited in my diet choices. I need to buckle down and learn some portion control, discipline, and commitment. If I commit to eating healthy- I'll buy better food and won't have the temptation in my home. 

I'm going to try and learn a balance with this whole "exercise" thing. I've never had balance. I've either been working out 5 hours a day for volleyball because it was my job-or nothing at all. Sometimes I believe being a collegiate athlete sets you up for failure in a lot of areas-I'll write a post on that sometime in the near future. But, mostly, when I have a 45 minute workout 4 times a week I STILL feel lazy. Unless I'm about to throw up after a workout I feel like it was a waste of time-wrong!.. and of course I don't want to do that anymore. So, I'm going to ditch my motto--

Well, I'm going to tan it AND tone it. Let's be honest, when would I ever NOT tan ;) 

Alright, so I've publicly announced I'm lazy... I'm most lazy when it comes to exercise and diet.--Having said this... will you keep me accountable? 

My goals:
-Cardio twice a week (walking OR jogging)
-fully body work out with weights three times a week. 

-When I'm home, try and eat a balanced meal 3 times a day. **I will probably take my veggies via pill form. (snacks in between of course)- I'll never eat perfect but I can DEFINITELY improve!
-Date night-thursday is more of a free night.
-When I'm out to eat I'll try and make better choices and monitor my own portions---our portion sizes are disgusting!! 

Alright. There it is. I'm going to take it slow and I don't think these goals are unreasonable. I have the time--no more excuses.


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  1. You're silly! Remember that one time you took me biking with your dad and I think I died riding up that hill and you were practically smiling and whistling like it was not big thing? I remember. I've been biking and have JUST started jogging this week too if you ever need a buddy, just lemme know! :)