Thursday, July 19, 2012


Please pray for my grandpa. He had a massive stroke Monday night and is having a difficult time recovering.

My grandparents are very dear to me and have really had a rough time lately. They moved into an assisted living here in Denton so they could get much needed help and be closer to family. My grandpa, we call him Sir, fell two days after the move and cracked his hip. He was in the hospital for a while and then rehab for about 6 weeks. He has only been reunited with my grandmother at the assisted living for a few months. He really came back physically stronger from rehab and was walking only using a cane; however, he was showing early signs of dementia. I think the move and then hospital, to rehab, back to assisted living really through him for a loop. She woke up to the sound of him falling Monday night and he was unconscious and very disoriented most of the night. They confirmed he had a massive stroke on Tuesday. I was able to stay with him Tuesday night and he really rested pretty well. Wednesday things were looking up- he was able to move his left side, walk around, and communicate clearly. He recognizes all of us and calls us by name. Last night, he had a really rough night which led to an even more difficult day. He has been very restless and confused. Things are really misfiring and they're thinking he may have experienced a mini stroke today. His heart rate is quite low and he has 50% blockage of both his carotid arteries. He turns 87 this month and recovering from this type of stroke will definitely be an uphill battle and may require surgery to prevent future strokes (only if his mental state improves). Please pray for his healing and peace over our family. My grandmother, Mim, is very nervous. They've been married 63 years and I know seeing him struggle like this is very discouraging.

I'm selfish and really really hope he pulls off a miraculous recovery. He is tough--if anyone can, it'd be him.

My sweet Mim and Sir

His first day back from rehab. 

A few years back reading the Christmas story out of Luke.


  1. Praying for him! And I love that you call him Sir! That is so cute!

  2. Thanks, when my mom was pregnant with my brother (first grand baby) they were all sitting around talking about what they wanted grand kids to call them and my grandpa said "If they know what's good for them, they'll call me sir."... and we do!!!