Thursday, August 30, 2012

Call #4

We got a call from Hope Cottage yesterday. Our profile is being shown to a birth mother this weekend. She delivered a baby boy in June and he is currently in the TLC home (our agency's foster care). We will hopefully know something this week; however, there are a few legal issues with the birth father. This means baby will not be placed in a home until all legal aspects are resolved. This could take a few weeks.

On a really cool note, the birth mother specifically asked for Christian parents with no children, or one child. Sounds a lot like us ;). We are very excited about this call because each 'no' is leading us closer to our 'yes'. Please keep us in your prayers as this decision is made... we will update as soon as we hear anything.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Another No

...or perhaps I should just say "not our yes... YET!"

We got the call from Hope Cottage Wednesday, and found out they chose another family. Mrs. N was sweet in her delivery and wanted to make sure we knew it wasn't a rejection; there is a sense of rejection with each 'no.' However, it's short lived because we are confident in the profile we created and the letters we wrote. We know we put our heart and soul into those pages, and feel it portrays us well... if a person doesn't choose us based on what we put in our profile, then it's clear to me we are not meant to be bonded to them forever. So, we were glad to find out Wednesday and not have to wait until Friday to let go of this possibility. **sorry you did :)**

Here's what the last few days looked like. Wednesday- I got the call and immediately called Jake. We didn't say much but were able to meet up for a quick hug at a gas station since I was close to his work. A simple, "you okay?"---"yea, you okay"..."yea" conversation took place. Then on about our day. 7 pm he came home with papa murphy's pepperoni pizza and 2 sides of cookie dough!! We ate pizza, baked cookies, drank dr. pepper, and discussed our emotions. We realized we hadn't been "too consumed" with this idea. But when we found out this wasn't our time, we both felt a sense of relief just to know, the wait alone is enough to kill ya! Also, we realized as "not consumed" as we had been--we were both secretly planning our trip out to El Paso, picturing the family, wondering if it was a boy or girl, hoping and wondering if this was IT. Finding out this wasn't our time is hard; but this is adoption, and this is what it takes. It's an emotional roller coaster and we feel honored to be a part of it. We went to bed exhausted and had a wonderful night sleep. Apparently, even if we aren't fully aware, our mind is constantly running a hundred miles an hour with the what-if-it's-us of adoption.

Thursday nights are date nights in the Piatt house and last night was no exception. We went to fuzzy's with a coupon and hit the 7:30 showing of The Odd Life of Timothy Green. To our surprise the guy only charged us 3.50 because he thought we were in college... I'll TAKE it. :) We really enjoyed the movie, it was sweet and beautiful. We both anticipated having a good cry, and both admitted to needing one; however, a few tears here and there and it was just a sweet little movie. Then home to bed. Jake prayed over us, and I slept until 11 am. My body always shows me when I'm stressed... sleeping 12 hours is not easy to do!

I woke up feeling very rested and ready to completely move on. We are disappointed but we are not disappointed with this specific child, this specific "no"... we are just so ready for it to be our turn, our baby, our story, our YES! We are confident the Lord has a special child for us-- we are just ready to meet them. In the mean time... please know we feel very blessed by this process. The Lord has been so very sweet in sustaining us and giving us EXACTLY what we need through each step of this crazy experience.

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers and thanks for reading.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Today's sermon really encouraged my heart.--Thank you Beau! **Our video feed of Matt went out about 5 minutes into his sermon, which I'll have to podcast for sure because it was a very interesting intro. So, our campus pastor preached without notice--and the Lord really used his words to pierce my heart.

He spoke of the word 'sincere' which comes from the Latin words 'sine' (without) and 'cera' (wax). He told the story of pottery makers back in the day who would make a faulty pot that would crack, and they'd patch it with wax, paint over it, and sell it as if it were in good condition. *shady* Well, the reputable potters would hang a sign with the word 'sincerus' (pure, clean) or mark it on their product, as a way to show their pottery didn't have cracks patched with wax. Now, you could take their word for it, or you could pour hot water into the pot and it would cause the wax to melt and the pot would fall apart.---

This applies to us in a magnificent way:
* We are either sincerely following and trusting God-
* or we are unsuccessfully patching ourselves with "wax." Which for me is generally finding my worth in anything other than God---housework, my marriage, relationships, circumstances, or believing the lie that I deserve everything MY way!

When boiling water comes, make no mistake-it will come, our faulty patchwork will cause us to completely fall apart. However, if we are sincerely following the Lord, and trusting His will for our life-- we will not shatter.

I will say through this journey of infertility I've tried to patch myself over and over--- always shattering and falling apart by the burning flood of disappointment. No more, I've been set free from the darkness associated with our circumstance, and I am beginning to allow the Lord to put me back together again. The hot water is still coming, but I will stand firm and trust the Lord will sustain me.

**** exciting news-- we got a call from Hope Cottage, and our profile is being shown to a birth mother in El Paso this week!!! We will get an update Friday for sure, but we don't know exactly when she'll make a decision because she's not due until early November. We are very excited about this possibility and will disclose more if we are selected. :)) Please pray for our hearts as we wait, the health of baby and birth mom, and her heart as she makes this decision. If this is our child, we are confident the Lord will make it extremely evident. Be sure to check back Friday or Saturday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Infection, please go away

It's been a little while since my last post! I've been fairly busy with life and family and MORE ear infection... seriously?!?!?

So this weird infection behind my ear came back--- I made an appointment at an ENT per the demands of my sweet husband and friends. Monday I went in and he diagnosed it as an abscess **ew** and lanced it. He also prescribed me MORE antibiotics and a topical ointment. I went home, my ear was deadened and didn't really bother me at all, took my medicine like a good patient, and went to bed feeling a little funny. Jake noticed my skin was very hot and I felt feverish. I just assumed my body was reacting to the whole "poison being cut out of my body" situation. However, the next morning, I woke up and my face felt very hot and uncomfortable. I had plans to take my grandmother to Bridgeport and spend the day with her and I really didn't want to cancel-I took a cool shower and put a cold compress on my face- it helped. I scooped her and took her to Bochy's for a wonderful breakfast, by the time we'd finished my face was on FIRE. I ran home to grab some keys I'd forgotten and Jake took one look at me and said "you need to call the ENT and explain to him what's going on." I called the doctor and he told me to go to the Emergency Room immediately. oooooookkkkkkaaaaayyyyy, turns out I had an allergic reaction to a drug called bactrim (sulfa based)... which I'd taken two full doses of already this summer. My heart rate and blood pressure were pretty high, I had a low grade fever, my face was swelling, and I was itching ALL over! So- IV, benedryl, steriods, and a change in antibiotic later- I was home asleep in a few hours. Recovering from this reaction took WAY longer than I expected. I was absolutely miserable and exhausted for 72 hours. :/ Here's a little visual of what he did to my ear and my poor face. I have chubby cheeks anyway, but my eyes were on FIRE and I couldn't lift my cheeks to smile.

I'm feeling much better. I'm still on antibiotics but my ear is healing nicely and so far- no reactions! Man, I'll be staying FAR away from sulfa drugs. Alright, lessons learned while I was down for the count:

1. I take my health for granted. Just because I can run myself ragged with errands, house work, and endless tasks for others--doesn't mean I should. 
2. I make myself a mini-god by my ability to serve and "fix" other people.-- news flash, I am not God, and I don't need to have my hand in a million pots to keep the world spinning. 
3. I need to learn to ask and accept help!-- and in the same way, learn to say no. :) 

A special shout out to my sweet nephew, Dylan. He started a home day care today and was so happy about his new car backpack! He's such a big boy :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Gordon Ennis Taylor

My grandfather, Sir, passed away monday of last week. It's taken me some time to sit and type this out because 1- we've been very busy and 2- I get emotional thinking of all my wonderful memories.

When we got the call, we jumped in the car and headed over to be with my grandma, Mim. She lives in an assisted living 7 minutes away from us. I'm so thankful they moved over when they did so we were able to see Sir often, and now keep Mim company as she grieves her sweet "lover" (yes she STILL refers to him this way) of 63 years! We all understood recovering from the stroke would be difficult, but had hope when physically he was doing very well. However, the last few days he really wasn't putting names with faces and we realized he may not recover at all. I know the idea of living in a confused state of mind would not sit well with Sir. He was proud, strong, sharp, in control, and a leader his whole life.

He lived a full life of 87 years. He was a believer, and I know exactly where he is! His service was wonderful; we truly honored and celebrated his life. He loved God, his family, and his country. Several people spoke about how generous he was with his money and time for things he loved. The graveside service was very moving and perfect for Sir. An honor guard presented a flag to my grandmother while the bugler played taps. This was perfect for a decorated war veteran.

I absolutely admire my grandmother for her strength in this... she never misses an opportunity to share the gospel. When people compliment her for handling it so "well" or being so strong- she always responds with a smile and says "oh, tears are healing. I've cried and I'm going to cry, but my strength comes from the Lord." On a side note, she's always wearing something bedazzled-one of the many reasons I love her!

I miss my grandfather, and it makes me sad to picture my grandmother living years without him. He was such a wonderful part of my life. So generous, my father officiated the service and mentioned because of his generosity to us from an early age, all three of us kids graduated from college 100% debt free!  I can't remember a high school volleyball game or local soccer game in which they did not attend. He read the Christmas story from Luke every year, and spoke of his God and his country daily! He taught those he loved what it meant to be a provider, hard worker, and a man's man. He was much softer towards his granddaughters, and said "hi, babe" and "bye, babe"...but he still never let us win at cards. I guess he figured nobody would let us win in the "real" world, so he wasn't going to set us up for failure. He was a man of few words, but he wasn't going to let you get by without knowing how he felt about something. He never thought we wore enough or appropriate clothing--even a few months ago he said "your husband is pretty successful and makes good money, can't he buy you a pair of britches without holes in them?" It wasn't always spoken, but whether it was shake of the head, a side smirk, or a disapproving chuckle-you knew where he stood on the matter at hand. He supported our adoption and offered to loan us anything we may need.--I'm sad he won't meet our child, but knowing he supported us will be enough. He sure left a great legacy.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures. We have so many memories, it's nice to have a hard time picking out the "best" photos:

 Fuss and "make up" is what my grandmother says kept them together for 63 years :)

** his worn, taped bible. 

 The only time we were "allowed" in his chair was if we were on him! 

 boots and a jumpsuit. Classic Sir. and yes this "hard" man is having a tea party with his grandkids. 

 3rd grade school event.

hence my love for john wayne!

 Thank you for all your generosity and support through school.

 wonderful times at the lake house. 

 I'm thankful Jake was able to know Sir. They had many conversations about business. 
The Friday before his stroke he was asking Jake all about his work! 

 Wii :))

At the lake, more than likely talking about water levels.
 "Poor Bill, what would we do without him"- as my grandmother says.

**Christmas story**

Most recent family picture of the whole family!

Trip to DC for the WWII Memorial. 

So cool to hear him talk about his experience. A rare treat for us granddaughters. 

 Served his country well.  
He served in the U.S. Army from September 1943 to January 1946. He was a combat medic serving in ETO during World War II with 104th Infantry Division. Service awards were Purple Heart Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, Bronze Star Medal, Certificate of Merit Citation, Combat Medic Badge and Meritorious Service Wreath.

A wonderful dinner in DC. Sir ALWAYS picked up the tab. Even after the visitation, my grandmother bought our dinner and said "this is on Gordon." 
Thank you, Sir. 


"Of all the properties which belong to honorable men, not one is so highly prized as that of character."
-Henry Clay

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1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 "Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uniformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring Jesus those who have fallen asleep in Him. According to the Lords word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left until the coming."

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