Thursday, August 16, 2012

Infection, please go away

It's been a little while since my last post! I've been fairly busy with life and family and MORE ear infection... seriously?!?!?

So this weird infection behind my ear came back--- I made an appointment at an ENT per the demands of my sweet husband and friends. Monday I went in and he diagnosed it as an abscess **ew** and lanced it. He also prescribed me MORE antibiotics and a topical ointment. I went home, my ear was deadened and didn't really bother me at all, took my medicine like a good patient, and went to bed feeling a little funny. Jake noticed my skin was very hot and I felt feverish. I just assumed my body was reacting to the whole "poison being cut out of my body" situation. However, the next morning, I woke up and my face felt very hot and uncomfortable. I had plans to take my grandmother to Bridgeport and spend the day with her and I really didn't want to cancel-I took a cool shower and put a cold compress on my face- it helped. I scooped her and took her to Bochy's for a wonderful breakfast, by the time we'd finished my face was on FIRE. I ran home to grab some keys I'd forgotten and Jake took one look at me and said "you need to call the ENT and explain to him what's going on." I called the doctor and he told me to go to the Emergency Room immediately. oooooookkkkkkaaaaayyyyy, turns out I had an allergic reaction to a drug called bactrim (sulfa based)... which I'd taken two full doses of already this summer. My heart rate and blood pressure were pretty high, I had a low grade fever, my face was swelling, and I was itching ALL over! So- IV, benedryl, steriods, and a change in antibiotic later- I was home asleep in a few hours. Recovering from this reaction took WAY longer than I expected. I was absolutely miserable and exhausted for 72 hours. :/ Here's a little visual of what he did to my ear and my poor face. I have chubby cheeks anyway, but my eyes were on FIRE and I couldn't lift my cheeks to smile.

I'm feeling much better. I'm still on antibiotics but my ear is healing nicely and so far- no reactions! Man, I'll be staying FAR away from sulfa drugs. Alright, lessons learned while I was down for the count:

1. I take my health for granted. Just because I can run myself ragged with errands, house work, and endless tasks for others--doesn't mean I should. 
2. I make myself a mini-god by my ability to serve and "fix" other people.-- news flash, I am not God, and I don't need to have my hand in a million pots to keep the world spinning. 
3. I need to learn to ask and accept help!-- and in the same way, learn to say no. :) 

A special shout out to my sweet nephew, Dylan. He started a home day care today and was so happy about his new car backpack! He's such a big boy :)

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