Sunday, August 19, 2012


Today's sermon really encouraged my heart.--Thank you Beau! **Our video feed of Matt went out about 5 minutes into his sermon, which I'll have to podcast for sure because it was a very interesting intro. So, our campus pastor preached without notice--and the Lord really used his words to pierce my heart.

He spoke of the word 'sincere' which comes from the Latin words 'sine' (without) and 'cera' (wax). He told the story of pottery makers back in the day who would make a faulty pot that would crack, and they'd patch it with wax, paint over it, and sell it as if it were in good condition. *shady* Well, the reputable potters would hang a sign with the word 'sincerus' (pure, clean) or mark it on their product, as a way to show their pottery didn't have cracks patched with wax. Now, you could take their word for it, or you could pour hot water into the pot and it would cause the wax to melt and the pot would fall apart.---

This applies to us in a magnificent way:
* We are either sincerely following and trusting God-
* or we are unsuccessfully patching ourselves with "wax." Which for me is generally finding my worth in anything other than God---housework, my marriage, relationships, circumstances, or believing the lie that I deserve everything MY way!

When boiling water comes, make no mistake-it will come, our faulty patchwork will cause us to completely fall apart. However, if we are sincerely following the Lord, and trusting His will for our life-- we will not shatter.

I will say through this journey of infertility I've tried to patch myself over and over--- always shattering and falling apart by the burning flood of disappointment. No more, I've been set free from the darkness associated with our circumstance, and I am beginning to allow the Lord to put me back together again. The hot water is still coming, but I will stand firm and trust the Lord will sustain me.

**** exciting news-- we got a call from Hope Cottage, and our profile is being shown to a birth mother in El Paso this week!!! We will get an update Friday for sure, but we don't know exactly when she'll make a decision because she's not due until early November. We are very excited about this possibility and will disclose more if we are selected. :)) Please pray for our hearts as we wait, the health of baby and birth mom, and her heart as she makes this decision. If this is our child, we are confident the Lord will make it extremely evident. Be sure to check back Friday or Saturday!

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