Thursday, September 6, 2012


Okay, as many of you know I have a serious problem finding motivation to work out. I only seem to force myself to exercise when I'm working towards a specific goal. This goal is normally an event, not really a weight loss goal (I tend to jump ship when the diet needs a big change). So, I've done two sprint triathlons and a half marathon in the last 3 years. I start the training with one goal in mind-to be a finisher. I did it to say I completed the training and the race, not well mind you, but finished. During the race I'm hating myself for paying to endure this torture while simultaneously thinking about the next race. It's a sick cycle really, because after each race, there is a moment where I swear I'll NEVER do anything like this again, and in the same breath I'm obsessing over what I can do better next time.   What's the point of this little schpeel?.. I'm getting there, I promise.

After finishing the half marathon a year ago, I swore I'd stick with the running so I'd be able to improve my time for the sprint tri this year--- guess what, I haven't run a mile since the race!! Gasp! I know you're shocked, right? I also did not participate in the sprint triathlon this summer. Well, during my "off time," I mentioned to my dad I'd consider doing the HH100 (hotter'n hell century bike ride).. when he turned 60. My math isn't so great and I really thought I had a few years, didn't realize my dad was older than dirt (haha just kidding pops). Well guess what?.. February of 2013 my father, best dad in the world, is turning the big Six Zero! Meaning, if I'm going to do this race with him while he's 60, I'll have to be ready for the HH100 in August 2013.

Here I am publicly committing to train for my first century bike ride alongside my dad. Lord help me. Keep checking back for my training progress!

*** This just in- Jake's going to train with us! yess.  ***

I mean, heck, they are sponsored by my favorite beer... which I'll probably have to cut back on the mickey ultra's during training. Sigh. It'll be good for me.


  1. That's awesome! I've always thought about doing a triathlon but I don't know if I could actually go through with it. Can't wait to hear all about your training! Good luck! And I love that Jake's doing it with you. I'd give anything for Joseph to do something like that with me. :)

  2. Oh you could definitely go through with it! A sprint triathlon is truthfully not very difficult! Jake and I have done all the races together and he even stays with me the entire time!! :) It makes it bearable.