Sunday, September 30, 2012

Getting adjusted, and loving it!

Happy Sunday everyone. It's been a while since I've posted last, and let me just tell you--- we are looooving parenthood. :)

Carson is a wonderful baby and sleeps 12 hours a night--- yes, 12! I'm so impressed with his personality. When he's awake he loves to smile and coo. He does have a pretty dramatic "warning face" and lets us know when he's hungry or tired. We've been a little overwhelmed with visitors, so today we decided to close the doors. We feel so loved and supported by friends and family, and appreciate your understanding in giving us some space. We noticed yesterday he was a little overstimulated and fussier than normal. We put him to bed early and have kept him calm on this wonderful cloudy day--- he's been in an amazing mood and is responding well to the calmness of no visitors and kisses and cuddles of mom and dad.

We've noticed we are slowly gaining his trust. He's a survivor and he's seen a lot of faces in his short three months of life. We know for the last month he's been in wonderful hands, Mrs. L, is the reason he's such a great sleeper, eater, and predictable baby! Thank you. We also understand that he needs to bond with us more than we need to bond with him. We loved him from the moment we saw him, and he is 100% our son, I know the Lord hand picked him for us! However, he doesn't know us as mommy and daddy just yet-- he is so quick to open up his little heart and we can tell he's learning our faces and voices. My heart was heavy the other night as we prayed by his crib, it made me sad I wasn't there from birth, and during a mini melt down I thought "I'd know what to do if I'd had him since day 1"... well thankfully my mom, husband, and dear friend spoke truth to me. God knew he was our son before I was even created!... God's been with him since the very beginning, and He has been the one protecting him. Carson didn't need me at day one, he was covered in prayer and he needs me now. God's timing is perfect even in this! I just love him so much I want him to know me. This is not a complaint, just the facts- he will know me, and I am definitely enjoying getting to know him. :)

Thank you Lord for our sweet son. He is such a blessing and has brought so much joy into this home. We are so humbled by Your plan for us. We pray Carson comes to know you at an early age. Give us the strength and courage to become the parents you created us to be, and bless our sweet son.

Photos @ Hope Cottage:

A few more photos from home:

Great Grandmother, Mim. 


Sweetest Boy, EVER!!! 

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