Saturday, September 15, 2012

Infant Care Class

This morning started like any other morning- I was not excited to wake up :) However, I was very much looking forward to attending this Infant Education class. We haven't been to Hope Cottage since we signed our papers, and it was really nice to see two of the staff members. Mrs. N was there to welcome us with open arms-I just adore her.

This class felt like something we could do to pass the time as we wait. Lots of sweet families were there, with all the same emotions we have. It's nice to be in a room of people who understand exactly where you are without speaking a word. I was nervous I'd feel awkward or have my guard up--I mean these people are the competition right?-wrong. They are wonderful people who have a heart similar to ours-- it makes getting the 'no's that much easier to be joyful for someone else. We have names and faces that will pop in our head the next time a baby is placed- this somehow lessens the feeling of rejection and makes me smile at this bizarre journey.

The class was sweet and I really enjoyed the parenting style of the lady who taught it. It reinforced my notion I have plenty of knowledge pertaining to sleep training, eating schedule, diapering, and bathing--I know appropriate milestones because of motor behavior classes and endless experiences of all different parenting styles. I left encouraged and not overwhelmed at all. Also, when I asked Jake how he felt, he said he knew most of the information because we've spent years talking about other people's parenting styles and the endless conversations of "when we have kids we are so NOT doing that..." or the "oooh, I like that, remember that for Baby Piatt." It will be SO nice to implement our own way of doing things. I may not have the terms or references to back up my parenting style, but make no mistake, I absolutely have a plan and can't wait to experience it. **I am not saying I have all the answers, just a lot of great people, resources, and experiences to pull from as we begin our parenting journey.

We left the seminar around noon and headed to taco cabana for lunch **No break down this time-- didn't drop a spoon** Then we decided to run to Babies R Us. Yep, we started a little registry. Of course it's very empty because we can't begin to register for a baby that doesn't exist yet. However, it was a lot of fun and a moment I'll always remember.

Baby Piatt's first bottle- souvenir from the class today. My favorite brand of bottle *SCORE*

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