Monday, October 22, 2012

a place to lay his head

We've had our nursery ready, well functional, for over 2 years. I first began filling the room with baby furniture during the sweet time I spent caring for my nephew. I knew I'd want to give the room a face lift when we brought our baby home, and I spent quite a lot of time picturing what I would do. Well, after two wonderful showers and sooooo many gifts, I realized not only did I want to make it his room, I also desperately needed storage. We have our fall party this weekend followed by our first post-placement visit next week, and I wanted this project finished!! I don't really function well when things are out of place; therefore, his stuff not having a place was driving me crazy ... I really felt like I desperately needed him to have a finished room, an organized closet, and a place to lay his head.

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