Tuesday, October 30, 2012

post-placement #1

Yesterday was our first post-placement meeting and everything was wonderful. We have a new counselor/social worker, Ms. A, and we were so excited to have her in our home. We were incredibly nervous before our first home study interview (read about it here), but we weren't anxious at all about this meeting. We had a great time telling her about all of our emotions, thoughts, and experiences over the last month.  I can't believe he's been home for a month already, time sure does fly when you're having fun :)

We also had a chance to discuss Carson's birth mother, we'll refer to her as Miss K. We put together a gift for her which consisted of a photo album, copy of our adoption video, a bracelet similar to mine, and a letter. I'm not posting the letter because conversations with her will remain private and intimate. I will, however, let y'all know when we meet her, what we think, and how we're going to proceed- y'all won't be totally out of the loop. Miss K is doing very well and we are thrilled to say she's encouraged by our photos and knows she made the right decision. We are hoping to meet her for the first time in early December. Please pray for us during this new, exciting part of our journey. When we first began this process, before we were educated, we really wanted "closed" adoption; however, having Carson makes my heart swell with pride and respect for Miss K. I am forever grateful to her, and consider it an honor to meet her, speak with her, and remain in contact (via agency). I pray she remains confident in her choice, and hope her grieving process is positive and brings healing to her life. Please please please hear me when we say she is special to us, please don't speak negative about her in any way. She is brave and loves Carson so very much. Her love for him is the reason we are privileged to call him our son.

He is such a joy and has so much personality.. I hope you enjoy these little clips.
video dump 10.30:

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