Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 30

I'm thankful for Wassail Fest!!! My dad has played in the Denton Community Band for years, and we've always had a great time at the Denton Holiday Lighting. This year was extra special for three reasons, yes three!

1. Jake was able to join us (he's never been able to get off work in time).
2. CARSON is here!! I'm not gonna lie, I didn't think we'd have our baby home for the holidays, and I really really really wanted to share this Christmas with our little one. Yay for his first tree lighting :)
3. Our whole family was able to attend-David, Bridget, and Kynslee came too! It was really neat everyone was able to make it out this year. 

photos from the last few years:

Denton Holiday Lighting/Wassail Fest '12

So much fun and very Stars Hollow-esque 

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