Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

** and feels a lot like Christmas in July...

First weekend of December was pretty packed for us, Saturday we set up indoor Christmas decorations. I bought new stockings, a new skirt, and added red to our previously all silver tree. It was so much fun to decorate with little Carson :) Hoping to tackled the outside lights sometime soon, but it's always a big task and unfortunately results in a disagreement. I never really understood why it was such a problem, but I finally realized how OCD I really am...
I drove a dear friend to the airport Monday morning at 5am, when I returned Jake was already up with Carson and turned on the Christmas tree lights :). I was walking around the tree holding Carson singing "o christmas tree, o christmas tree, thy leaves are so unchaaaa...." I stopped and noticed a silver ornament looked funny. In my head I was thinking, this ornament is facing the wrong way (hooks loop to the right not the left) and it was resting on branch, not dangling with perfection in the oh so obvious perfect gap between branches. So, in the middle of my song I quit singing, "fixed" the ornament only to hear Jake saying "NO WAY" from the kitchen. He then told me Carson kicked the ornament off and he tried to put it back on the exact branch it was on... I'm laughing so hard I'm crying at this point because I realized of all 75+ ornaments *I may have overdone it this year* I noticed the one ball out of place... yikes. Poor Jake, now I know why I'm so picky around the holidays.. I just can't help it. Jake likes to tell the story and make me sound super creepy, like I kept singing the song in a really slow weird tone.... I did not.

On Sunday we went to Hope Cottage's Annual Holiday Party. We went anticipating our first meeting with Miss K. I was very emotional last week thinking about what to say, how to act, all the many ways the meeting would go. Ultimately we'd love to hug her neck and thank her for our wonderful son. I promise I'll write more in a few days about the range of emotions that went on during this time (I haven't fully processed them). So, short version now. We went anticipating meeting her for the first time and she never came. We don't know why she didn't make it. Again, I'll post about this in a few days and express how we feel in this, but most importantly we are not upset, disappointed, or frustrated with her in any way. 

We probably wouldn't have attended if we'd known she wasn't going to be there; however, I'm so glad we did. We were able to meet some amazing babies placed in wonderful homes. We were thrilled to find out every couple in our original seminar has become a family, they've all been placed!! It was a little surreal to meet a few of the babies we got the "no" call for... and it was ever so sweet to really see how perfect Carson is for us, and how wonderful the other babies are for their families. God is so good to bring us all together. Here are a few photos from the day.. we didn't take too many because we were hoping to get a few shots of Carson with Miss K, and the other things going on didn't seem too important. 

love y'all... I'll post again soon.

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