Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year

.. only a few days late :)

We rang in the New Year with The Haley's. We had an italian dinner followed by a slumber party. We played Seinfeld scene it and toasted champagne in our pjs! At midnight we snuck in to our room *Carson was a gentlemen and let Finley have his bed for the night, so he crashed in a pack 'n play in our room* and gave him his first New Year's kiss. We were expecting it to be an extremely sweet moment and thought we'd shed a few tears of joy--here's how it really went down: We snuck in and noticed he was pressed up against the side of the pack n' play, so we moved him ever so gently to the middle of it. After we kissed his sweet face he ripped one, then another one, then another one, and let out a little sigh. I'm talking major league gas people, we ran out of the room laughing hysterically. I love memories like this. 

2012 was a pivotal year for us in many ways, here's a little recap:

-We decided to begin our adoption journey.
-I started this blog. 
-We helped my grandparents move from their beautiful home to an assisted living here in Denton. I'm so thankful they moved to be closer to family. 
-We witnessed several friends bring their children into the world. 
-We lost the best grandpa in the whole world. I love you and miss you Sir.
- We celebrated 5 years of marriage. 
-We started a Home Group with the Haley's which God has blessed immensely. 
-Jake left a toxic work environment to start a company with Cole. SIDI is going better than we could've imagined in a short amount of time.
-My best friend from college got married. Same friend is now pregnant. Congratulations!
-I visited SPI, it's been a while, and I got to see the Rudders for the first time in a few years :)
-I was on antibiotics for what felt like the entire year of 2012. 
-The Lord gave me the freedom to really accept our infertility. (here
-I lost a childhood friend, Emily.
-I made new friendships and mourned the loss of other friendships.
-I did two Beth Moore studies with dear friends.
- We met some pretty impressive financial goals. 
-I got two tattoos. Yes TWO! see them here
-The Lord grew our sweet family and we brought Carson home. 
-We've learned to be patient with those as they fail to understand the complexity of adoption. I've learned to be more confident in my response, and I try not be so sensitive. People just don't get it, and it's like the gospel-unless you've experienced it, it's incomprehensible. 
-We've experienced great trials with our family and the Lord is still working in those areas. Not resolved, but striving to seek Him and trust Him in this extreme heart break. 
-The Lord was faithful to grow me. He pulled on my heart and through pain and joy gave me more of Him. In times where I felt totally hopeless in our circumstances, and was convinced we'd never be a family-- here we are, may the Lord continue to be our focus, and may we struggle well in our new role that is parenthood. 

We enter 2013 blessed beyond measure. We have a lot to look forward to, one thing in particular is Carson becoming a Piatt. We don't have the date yet, but we will appear in front of a judge in March or April and finalize our adoption. I don't have a significant amount of fear it won't happen, I believe everything will go smoothly, but truth is, we have temporary custody via early placement. I'm so ready for all the legal documents to reflect how I feel in my heart. He's our son, his name is Carson Wayne, he is a Piatt.... but every month when I fill his prescription, or when I receive an email reminding me of his 6 month check up, it still says Michael M****. I'm reminded we aren't quite there, but oh so close. This is not meant as negative. I'm grateful for the 6 months we are able to fall in love with our son before he legally becomes part of our family forever. It's a sweet time I don't want to be clouded with negativity and fear. I feel blessed to be a part of something which so clearly reflects God's love for us. How wonderful it is to be called by a new name and adopted into His family. How wonderful the Lord is for allowing me to love Carson as my own, even though I didn't give birth to him. He is mine and I am his. I will be one proud mama when the judge pronounces him officially ours; but, I fall before the true Judge in humility for allowing me to be Carson's mother. 

Early January photo dump:

Okay, I asked Jake to get dressed Monday morning and this is what I walk in to find... too funny!

up next.. 2013 Goals. I'd like to post at least once a week in 2013 :) I'm back!

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