Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Post placement #4 and a little more..

Our post placement went really well. We were proud to show how well Carson is doing. He's got the sweetest personality and we love him so very much. We discussed our next post placement, which happens next month, and we get to start the paperwork for our finalization. WAHOO!! It will be our last visit, we'll do all the paperwork, then contact the lawyer, and set up a court date. I can't believe it's almost time to plan this thing. We are only a few short months away from the

Last Sunday we attended my parents church and their pastor preached a powerful sermon on abortion. It was a tough sermon; however, he used Carson's story to end on a positive note. It was an emotional day, thinking about the possibility of Miss K being too scared to choose adoption.. what if she'd chosen the socially acceptable, legal option. I'm so thankful she chose to give him life. He showed our adoption video (watch here) and then all three of us went up to the front. Carson was sleeping on Jake during the service and he woke up because of the bright stage lights. It was the cutest thing, he opened his eyes, Jake sat him up on his hip, and Carson scanned the crowd with a puzzled look. He didn't cry or get scared- his expression was something of a hmm, what on earth is going on?...

Carson wore Sir's tie tack and he sure looked handsome.

A very powerful display on the hill of the church:
Each of these 3.315 white crosses represents a baby aborted each day in our country. 
Such a tragedy. 

Photo dump 1.23

70 degrees in January. I do believe it's a beautiful day to take the boat out. 

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