Thursday, March 7, 2013

8 months

Carson's growing up so quickly! He's mobile, sort of a belly flop/crawl/inch worm type thing... and it's adorable. I'll post a video. He cut his first tooth last week and is definitely working on more. I can see the impression of his top teeth pushing on his little inflamed gums. :( We took our first road trip for a friend's wedding! He did so well. He didn't cry or have a melt down, but he was completely off his schedule. He didn't nap at all in the car on the way down. He took a short 1.5 hour nap in the hotel then we were off to the 5:00 wedding. We left a little early hoping he'd catch up on sleep (he refused to nap on us during the wonderful festivities). Again, no meltdown of any kind, but was so overstiumlated it was quite a task to get him to sleep. Jake and I sat in complete silence in our hotel room as to not distract the little man! He finally crashed about 10:30. SO, 7:30am-10:30 pm with only a single nap... bless his sweet little heart. He was a champ despite breaking his very predictable schedule.

Here's our daily routine:

8pm-7:30am Sleep
8am 8oz bottle
9:15 Breakfast (fruit)
10-12 nap
12 8oz bottle
1:30 snack
3:00 8oz bottle
3:30-5:30 nap
6:30 bottle
7:15 dinner (veggies)

He's such a good baby! 

**We heard from our lawyer yesterday. We may be able to finalize as early as March 29!! What a good Good Friday :) Will post again when I know for sure. Carson and I are headed to Houston this weekend to visit family. So excited for the Houston Knights to get to meet our precious son. 

Now for the fun, adorable moments of motherhood- February Photo Dump:

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