Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good Friday

It's official... we are going to court March 29 @8:30 am to finalize our adoption!!!! I can't express to you how excited we are for this final step. We are so in love with our son and can't wait for everything to become official.

Good Friday seems like such a sweet day... I've been praying this Easter wouldn't lose meaning and would be weighty for my heart (in a good way). It's easy to get distracted and caught up in the cutesy kid stuff, especially since I have a precious one this year! However, the weight of what God did for us is often lost. I'm so amazed with the path the Lord has led me down... sometimes I felt like He was absent or pushing me in a direction I wasn't ready to go. In reality, He was right there, holding my hand, leading me to a blessing I couldn't begin to imagine. While putting my hope in becoming a mother, the Lord used this journey to give me more of what I really need: Him. When I look at my son, I see God's love for me, the growth in my heart, and the miracle of adoption. I'm so humbled by the Lord's steadfast love for me and how every struggle, victory, blessing, circumstance, and joy points me towards Him. I'm finding so much joy in our Savior today and I'm so thankful the Lord adopted me into His family.

Glorious Day 

**This morning the lawyer read the list of questions he will ask Jake- I see Christ's love in all of it, and the final question brought tears to my eyes *don't remember exact wording, will try and record*- "Do you love this child and wish to adopt him into your family?".... Yesss. Oh, yes, yes, YES!

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