Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Okay, I know everyone is really looking forward to hearing all about our finalization! I promise I will post soon... I'm waiting on a few photos and possibly a video. I'd like to post my thoughts along with these other things... so. Sorry. Keep checking back!!

Life as we know it. Carson has been a little bit more "challenging" this week. I've been spoiled by his easy going, happy-all-the-time, sweet demeanor... Well, he flipped a switch last week; I think teething may be the culprit. However, his "fussy" days are a joke compared to some of the tantrums I've seen at the day care. Haha. We went for his 9 month check up and the doctor was very pleased with his growth. He was in the 2% for weight at 3 months (when we brought him home) and he is now in the 20% percentile. Praise the Lord he's thriving! We're now experimenting with a lot of table food and he is loving his new found independence. He prefers to feed himself  *although he gets frustrated because he can't feed himself fast enough* and tends to dislike the spoon. He's a big boy now and doesn't need mom's help. :)

I'm amazed by our journey and where we were a year ago! (April 2012) We just had a family photo shoot to celebrate our finalization. This time last year we were working on our adoption maternity photos and profile book! I am in awe of how much I love and adore my son. I fall in love with him more and more, over and over, each day.. he's such a fun age, learning new things every single day. He's really becoming attached to us, he lights up when Jake enters the room. I still get a sweet little smile, but he definitely address us differently. I love it. Jake is the best father, I knew he would be. Motherhood seems natural and so right for me. The pain from infertility is always lingering, striking at bizarre moments; however, I can joyfully say, I am grateful for this journey. If it were all left up to me things would be so different and I would have missed out on the sweetest thing in my life.

In other news. I've been doing Insanity for a little over two months. The second month has been a little more sporadic than I'd like to admit. However, I lost 15 pounds just with the workout. I focused on food a little bit because I needed fuel for the workouts, but I wasn't really serious about my food intake. So, I decided to do the Whole 30 Challenge for April. It's been extremely intense. My body took a long time to detox--- I haven't gone this long (day 10) without sugar (even sneaky hidden sugars) in my entire life!!! After the headache subsided and the cravings stopped making me want to murder someone.. I feel SO much better. I am 3 pounds away from my wedding weight and I am PUMPED! My body shape is different (less tone) than before, and I'm looking forward to finishing the last week of Insanity strong. Then, I'm ready to lift weights again. My body responds very well to weights and I can't wait. So... I'm doing the whole 30 and I feel incredible! I'm learning new techniques in the kitchen, I'm excited to experiment with food.. I'm even eating vegetables.. and I like it. Who am I? 


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