Friday, August 30, 2013


THREE posts in ONE day?? Savor every word.. who knows when it will happen again. lol

So, I'm feeling very good about having an email relationship with Miss K. The Fear Post was more to confess and document the feelings I've been battling. Well, it's a quick turn around because the Lord is being very gracious to give me strength and courage to face the unknowns!

Carson is growing like a weed and learning so many new things. He's officially walking! When he falls he pops right back up to his feet and takes off. He's sick right now *bummer*. He loves to swim, sing, dance, and read. We fall more in love with him every single day. He's so friendly. He loves to wave and blow kisses to everyone. He is such a daddy's boy! When Jake is around he doesn't want anything to do with anyone. He's still a good sleeper 8pm-7:45am. One nap 12-3! When he's not sick he eats us out of house and home. All in all, we're doing well and having a blast!

Jake's business is doing very well. Sign It Drive It is becoming well known in DFW. We get several referrals and lots of online business. You should check it out! (click here) We don't own any personal cars, we drive cars until they sell. It's a little hectic sometimes! I'm currently driving a Cadillac Escalade with 24 inch rims... although last week I was driving a Taurus X (kind of looks like a station wagon).

We have a sweet 23 year old living with us. I never thought we'd have a "roommate" but we are really enjoying having her. She's so sweet and takes very good care of her living quarters :). Carson loves to go in her room... she always says "oh, hey, neighbor," and he laughs!!

I completed whole30 and have managed to keep off the 20lbs I lost. I feel great. I'm training (well right now I'm recovering from the HH100) for the Cowtown Marathon in February, and have some bizarre goals on the horizon:

Cowtown Marathon: February 2014
Olympic Tri: May 2014
Half Ironman: October 2014
Ironman: May 2015

Stay tuned!

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