Saturday, July 19, 2014

Controlled Chaos

Last night was, hands down, the craziest experience of my life. CPS arrived with the boys a little after 6. It took over an hour to sign paper work.. We were signing documents, trying to wrangle kids, they hadn't been bathed in a very long time. They were in pretty bad shape. One of the boys threw up, most likely from stress. Carson did amazing, he kept saying "Welcome to home." We survived the paperwork. CPS left and we bathed the boys very well then put them all to bed. They fussed for a while in their cribs and went to sleep about 9:30. They didn't make a peep until 9:30 this morning. Praise the Lord for a good night sleep.

After the boys were asleep, Jake and I showered and got in bed. We both started crying thinking about the sweet boys sleeping in our home. We can't disclose history, or even tell you their names (blog nicknames to come), but the reason for their stay is visible. We thanked the Lord they were here and safe, and asked for the patience and strength to love them well. We hugged each other tight and then vegged out until we went to sleep. :)

This morning was wonderful. Carson woke up at 8 and we brought him in bed with us to cuddle for a while and let the twins sleep. We held him tight and talked about the night and thanked him for being so loving. We were able to have a good breakfast, wash some clothes, wipe down car seats, and an awesome double stroller someone gave us (more on that later), and make a shopping list before the boys woke up. Carson was so happy to see them! We changed diapers and got them dressed for the day. Something about seeing them in the morning light made me cry... it hit me several times today why they are here. We are so glad they are here, but they are here for a reason that makes my heart heavy. Wipe the tears and move on to breakfast. They were very hungry and ate EVERYTHING we put in front of them. It was really rewarding to meet a basic need for them and know we were already gaining their trust. We loaded up in the van.. yes, I'm in a van now. How else am I supposed to wrangle 3 toddlers into their car seat? We went to Once Upon a Child and Walmart and the boys were all so well behaved. It was a success! We came home, had a good lunch, and put all the boys down for a nap. Once they were asleep it was GO TIME!

Jake and I were washing clothes, wiping down booster seats, putting together a new crib.. ya know, just getting the house functional for 3 little boys. We got everything prepared and even had time to relax a little before they all woke up. I shaved my legs and painted my nails. lol. 

Carson woke up about 3:30 and we had a special family snack.. We had some ice cream and  talked about the boys. They woke up about 4:30 and then we just played and played until bath time. We played outside, we danced, we sang.. we really feel like we got to know them a lot better this afternoon. We ate a great dinner and then all three boys were bathed, hair brushed, teeth brushed, in bed, and asleep by 8:30. Victory!!

Jake and I ate a late dinner together and talked about the day. We are really pleased with how today went. We felt like it was controlled chaos. Yes, it was crazy, we grew to a family of 5 overnight! We did not expect our journey to start so quickly or look like this, but we are so thankful. We are so thankful for Carson, our dear son, who is is so loving and hospitable. He is definitely a little off and overwhelmed by the chaos; however, he's adjusting quickly for a 2 year old. We are so thankful for the twins. They are little survivors. They are brave. When we move too suddenly towards them, or say no, and go to redirect them, they flinch and go on the defense... it's heart breaking. But, they are really responding to the love and consistency we've shown them in just one day. We are thankful for each other. Jake was so amazing today! I planned and he executed! We make a great team. In a process where you have to take one day at a time, today.. well, today we killed it. Today we pat ourselves on the back, eat a snickers in bed, and tomorrow... tomorrow we love the three boys in our home, love each other, and thank the Lord for His sovereignty and provision in our life. 


Enough about us.. I did need to toot our horn a little, because today felt great. However, the real reason today went as smooth as it did is because we have the best family and friends.. the best.

1) Everyone has been positive, prayerful, and willing to help!
2) I had a girls night planned for friday night and had to cancel for obvious reasons. The girls decided to stay in and prep freezer meals for us.  Love you girls. So thoughtful! *and thanks for the snickers I'm eating right now, Raechel. 
3) My parents took down a crib from their house and came to install it yesterday before placement. Then today went shopping and gathered clothes.. and helped us shop with the boys at Walmart. (Carson was very happy to see his Teeny and Bebol)
4) My bro and his family bought us a crib from Ikea and brought us dinner last night at 9:30pm.  
5) Thankful for Sign it Drive it- Jake was able to stay home today with no problems or worries, and because they dropped a van off at our house as soon as they heard about the placement.
6) My sis sent over all of Dylan's old clothes.
7) The Parker's gave us a car seat, double stroller, and a ton of clothes!.. amazing!
8) The McFall's insisted on ordering an extra video monitor for us on amazon prime. It'll be here monday!
9) Katelyn went out of her way to pick up raffle items for our 10 year reunion. *had to miss it because I surely wasn't expecting to have twins placed yesterday. 
10) We have gotten several offers to help in anyway possible; if you didn't make this list, it's not because you didn't offer.. it's because so many people are taking care of us and meeting our needs before we can even ask. 

Thank you for your prayers. We love you all very much. 


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