Thursday, July 17, 2014


Good news... I'm back!

Here's what ya missed:

Carson turned two June 27! Potty training is going well. He's been in underwear since April, with the exception of the trusty night time pull up. He is sleeping in a big boy bed (bottom bunk in his new room!). He is talking extremely well. He speaks in "full" sentences and loves learning new words. He can count to 10 and is interested in learning his colors. He loves to say what things "aren't"-- Example: (holding a red car) "tissnot green." Translation: it's not green. He is a total fish and loves being in under the water. We see Kim about every 3 months and we enjoy having a relationship with her. Carson is such a joy and I thank God every day that I'm his mom. 

I ran a marathon in February. I completed an olympic distance tri in may. I am training for Austin 70.3 (oct 26). It's going to be insane. My training keeps me very busy, and I'm having to wake up early so I don't miss too much family time. I added crossfit to the mix and it's kicking my a**. I'm not the fastest, but I don't quit! I'm only missing two check marks...

Jake and I celebrated 7 years of marriage this May. Sign it Drive it is doing well, and although they are staying busy and growing quickly, it's a blessing to have him local and home for bed time! Sessa moved out and we miss her SO much! We are no longer attending The Village Church. We've joined forces with the Boydstun's and the Haley's to start Grace Church Denton. We completed all our paper work and training for foster to adopt.

You're officially caught up. Oh, one more thing, my 10 year HS reunion is this weekend. So, that's weird. 


Check back soon. We should be licensed in the next few days and will officially begin our foster to adopt journey. 

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