Friday, July 18, 2014


1:26 pm - Incoming call from Hope Cottage. (Summarized)

Christa: Good afternoon Joanna, how are you?
Me: I'm doing well, how are you?
Christa: I'm good, just wanted to let you know y'all are officially verified, and we have an emergency placement if y'all are interested.
Me: Hold on one second, yes, yes we are. Jake is off today, let me go get him so he can hear it firsthand...
*run out of the room (I was taking a nap). Scare Jake half to death by saying "shut your game off and hurry, come here, it's hope cottage with an emergency placement!"


Me: Alright, he's here, go ahead.
Christa: We have twin boys 1 year and 5 months and confidential information.... They need placement today.
Us: Yes, yes we want them.
Christa: Alright, I'll call them and let them know. We will know something by the end of today.
Me: Okay, thanks so much, talk to you soon.

GET OUT OF TOWN! Seriously?!?!?! Verified and possible placement in the same breath??? Here we go. I'm blogging this while we wait on the call. We decided to keep it between us until we find out if we are bringing home twin boys tonight or not.

So, while we all wait for the call. I'm going to type the original "verified" blog I've been planning to post. I did not anticipate having an update so soon, so here's a quick introduction to our thoughts on foster to adopt. We are excited. We feel at peace about the foster to adopt process. It is very unknown and unpredictable (clearly). We do want to grow our family and hope we are able to see several placements through to finalization; however, we are also excited about the fostering aspect. We feel honored to love on these kiddos while they are in our home. I read a quote the other day and loved this part of it: "Today in this moment, I am to care for these children. I am to love them today with no reserve. I am to focus on today and trust God for tomorrow and the next." We will love these children with no reserve. They will be part of our family and our hearts for the rest of our lives. We will make memories, laugh, cry, and pray with them. We are officially a verified foster family. Let the journey begin.

Well, we got the call. They want to place with us! I've gotta cut this short... We have twin boys coming to our house TONIGHT!

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