Saturday, November 15, 2014

Adoption Awareness Month

Our life is consumed with a lot of Foster to Adopt business these days. I'll try and post this week with some small updates. We have few updates on the case, and are settling in for the long process. However, not a day goes by I don't thank God for our son's adoption. November happens to be Adoption Awareness Month and we were fortunate enough to meet up with Kim and her family today!

We brought our son home over two years ago! We had minimal contact with his birth mother, Kim. If you read back through some posts, look for Miss K... We didn't disclose her name until our relationship was established. We've always loved her and knew we would always feel grateful for her choice. Her selflessness in carrying our boy, birthing him, and then choosing us to parent him is hard to fully grasp. She is unbelievably strong and I'm so thankful our relationship has grown. We started with letters and gifts through our agency. Meeting at the agency. Photobucket. Email. Meeting at public places. Texting. Yep, it's awesome. I am thoroughly enjoying having her in our life. I realize I have zero control over our future, but I'm thankful we are all putting in the effort to grow our relationship. I hope Carson is proud of his birth mother, and enjoys her involvement in his life. I feel honored to mother Carson and help him sort through his adoption during each stage of his life.

She is so sweet. Today we met at Chuck E. Cheese and had a great time. We've been prepping Carson for this visit. He is starting to love his adoption. He asks to read his adoption book (our profile book) and watch his adoption movies. :) Now, we get to show pictures of Kim and explain her vital role in all of this! It's really neat. He asks to pray for Kim and "his sister Katei" almost every night. We also met her new baby, Hannah. I love cuddling sweet babes. Here are a few photos from our time:

We love our son. We love Kim and her family. We love adoption. 

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