Friday, December 25, 2015

Baby B foster placement #2

I can't believe after a year and a half of fostering we are only on placement number two! Crazy. I promise I will post about finalization and all the emotions surrounding our adoption of Kade and KJ, but that one will take some time. So, as promised, here is a little about sweet girl, baby B.

I mentioned her whirlwind emergency placement last post. But, just a little recap, our agency asked us if we wanted placement of a 3 day old baby girl. We said yes, doubting Cps would choose us. Cps picked us and she arrived within the hour!

Two and a half weeks with her has flown by. She was with us for the boy's adoption, and she's the sweetest addition to our family. We are all completely in love with her. To be honest, comparing placement of the boys and a newborn (at least her) is a piece of cake!! Sure, I'm a little short on sleep, but second time around things are going better for us. We are not as concerned about timeline, the fostering side of life doesn't intimidate us quite the way it used to. Life is a little crazy around here, but we are so happy we said yes.

Her 14 day hearing is rescheduled for Jan 5, so we really don't know much. She has weekly visits with bio family and as far as we know they fully intend to work services and be reunited with her. Visits aren't as tough or me this time around, mostly because they aren't as tough on her. She's extremely exhausted by the time she comes home, but she's too young to beg me not to go, or throw up, or have nightmares like the twins did.

She sleeps pretty well (for a newborn), takes her bottle well, and is steadily gaining weight. She's such a joy and the prettiest little thing ever!!

The number one response I get when I tell people we are a foster family is this:
"Oh my gosh, I couldn't do it, I just couldn't say good bye to the kids, I would get too attached." 

** a bit of friendly advice: Don't say this to a foster family. It cheapens the choice we've made to love these kids fully without knowing they will stay. You're kidding yourself if you think we chose fostering because we are immune to being too attached to the kids.**

Yes, this is a hard aspect of fostering, and we've yet to walk through it. We anticipate it happening at some point. But, we are foster first and that's part of it. Make no mistake, we are completely attached and will be heartbroken if baby b leaves our care. However, being afraid of the heartbreak is not reason enough for us to say no. We will open our home and heart to the little ones the Lord gives us.. for however long He sees fit to do so. For now we are enjoying the three boys He blessed us as permanent additions to our family. And thanking Him for the time we have with baby b, and the difference we get to make in her life today. Oh how sweet today is.

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