Saturday, December 26, 2015

Piatts for Christmas

517 days in our care and on 12.17.2015 they officially became our sons. Leading up to the court date everything seemed surreal. It was hard to wrap my brain around it all. To be honest, I was worried the timeline would fall through. I found myself holding back the excitement and telling myself "it's not official until we leave the court house!" This is fostering after all. Well, it's official!!! It hasn't been easy and we weren't sure this day would ever come. We have all fought, prayed, hoped, cried, and anxiously awaited this moment. It is my privilege to introduce our gorgeous family. Absolutely worth every tear.

Meet Kade William Piatt.
aka Whistle.
His smile lights up a room, his laugh is contagious, and those big brown eyes get me every time.

And here's Keanu Jacob Piatt, we call him KJ.
aka Smash.
Our gentle giant. He's extremely sensitive to other's needs and emotions, and his beautiful blue eyes, once cold, now filled with joy.

On our way to this amazing photoshoot, courtesy of Teagan, we told the boys we needed new family pictures because the boys were going to be Piatt's. Their responses were precious.

Carson: I'm so excited! I love the boys. I'm so happy my brother's are going to be Piatts.

KJ: I'm so happy. I going be Keanu Jacob. Keanu Jacob Piatt.

Kade: Yea!!! I going be adopted!

(amazing sign courtesy of Ash and Boot)

A very Merry Christmas indeed.

After the madness of opening presents Christmas Morning, we let the boys pick one small toy to keep while we watched a show. I fed baby b and all my boys decided to cuddle in the big chair. Pinch me, is this real? I am one lucky lady to have such handsome men in my life. I am beside myself with joy. 
We are Piatts for Christmas!!

Piatt Party of 5!


So, the big question...

how does it feel???

Amazing. Better than we could ever imagine. Things are already changing quickly and harmony is being restored to the Piatt house. The boys seem more settled. We are finally free to implement the type of parenting we feel is best and it's the same across the board. Carson, Kade, and KJ are now completely equal in all regards. It's wonderful and we are loving every minute.

Now, for those of you who follow the blog, or have read back over passed years, you know infertility and fostering were two great struggles I've expressed on here. I've never felt so grieved, frustrated, sad, hopeless, tired, anxious, angry, and jealous since the darkest seasons of infertility. Fortunately, the Lord loved me enough to forbid my heart to stay in that place. I stayed under the fog of infertility for longer than I'd like to admit, but I can see how the Lord was using that time to strengthen me and mold me into who He desired me to be. I can stand here today, well lay here in my bed at 3am, and say I'd go through infertility again to feel the way I do right now. I do not say that lightly. Navigating through infertility was the most heartbreaking season of my married life. I haven't forgotten that pain, and probably never will, but I can see now it was beyond worth it.

I am so blessed to have such a fulfilling role. I mean, it's hard, fostering is hard, raising children isn't easy, and I realize we are in an extra sweet time with adoption right now. But, yea... I'm in. I'm all in. Having the second placement of Baby B sealed the deal. We love adoption, and now we love Foster to Adopt in all aspects. I cannot imagine our family without Kade and KJ, and now baby b (for however long she is with us). I can't imagine our life without fostering (although, the day will come!). I did my best to trust the Lord and His perfect plan for our family, but it was too hard to see through my grief. Even the grief of fostering and the ups and downs. I know it was all in God's timing. He was strengthening me through all of it. It took time, I'm stubborn and selfish and it took time, but He was working it all out! I've always had so much love to give children and I didn't see how infertility would allow that to happen. I always viewed it a hindrance or an obstacle to growing our family. 

Now I know better, now I know we will never be short on children to love.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His lovingkindness is everlasting." Psalm 136:1

Merry Christmas to you and yours.
The Piatt Brothers