Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Soon to be Piatts

I told y'all in the last update we were in foster care la la land and definitely wouldn't finalize in 2015. Well, surprise.... We are going to court and adopting the boys December 17, 2015. NEXT WEEK!!!

We knew the timeline shortened significantly about a month ago, but didn't want to share publicly until we knew something concrete. We spared y'all the emotional roller coaster that is fostering. On Monday November 2, we got news bio mom's attorney filed a motion to withdraw appeal because there's nothing she found that merits an appeal, she found the appeal frivolous! This was excellent news because we knew if an attorney couldn't find a reason to appeal, it was basically over. The court notified bio mom and she had an option to file her own report, which wouldn't have been granted; however, left our timeline uncertain. She had until November 16 to respond. Our timeline was very uncertain, but it was exciting. 

We spoke with CPS on the 2nd, once the attorney filed the motion to withdraw our amazing case worker (you know who you are!!!) really got to work. Her supervisor agreed to let her start processing the adoption and getting our case ready for court. Of course, timeline was still unknown. November 16th came around and bio mom did not respond. Great news for our timeline. CPS then told us her goal was to get us finalized before Christmas. CHRISTMAS! Still, a lot had to fall into perfect place for this to happen. She has worked around the clock getting everything submitted and making sure the right people had the information they needed to do their part. A lot of different parts moving together to make this happen!

Wednesday, December 2nd, she gave us a tentative court date for the 17th.. WHAT? no way. We kept that under our hat because the odds of finalizing on the first tentative court date seemed slim. Our adoption attorney set the court date, but CPS still had to get the green light from the adoption subsidy folks. That process normally takes two weeks, so we weren't sure we would be able to fit that in before the 17th. Surprise again, the next day, she hand delivered our documents and they were processed the same day! This kind of turnaround is unheard of. Anyone who's experienced foster care timelines knows this is basically a miracle. CPS was able to get our adoption briefing scheduled for Tuesday the 15th, which means WE GO TO COURT THURSDAY 17TH TO ADOPT THE BOYS. Thursday. Next week. NEXT WEEK!!!! 

***brief interruption***

I just received a text from our agency.  "3 day old baby girl (some confidential info) emergency placement, are y'all interested?" ... one short conversation with Jake and we said "Sure why not, we probably won't get picked anyway." Well, less than an hour later.. "They picked y'all, be there in about an hour." This is not a drill people, we have a foster to adopt placement. Not exactly the timing we planned, but this is just what we do. This side of life never gets easy... How do we say no or take a break or "close" our home? .. I'm just like, YES, bring her. Let them be safe and loved, Lord. I know eventually we will not be open for placement.. But today is not that day.. Baby will be here within the hour. 

I guess I'll post about baby girl soon because she's totally here and she's a complete doll. But for now, back to the boys!

We are beside ourselves with joy. This has been a very long and challenging process. We've done our best to share our lives and remain transparent with the daily struggles we experienced. Opening our home to these precious boys was one of the best things to happen to our family. What a season of joy, strength, growth, struggles, surrendering, patience, diligence, faith, endurance, and love for us all. The day is here. 517 days as a foster family and we will finally be whole. Praise the Lord.

I cannot wait to formally introduce you to our sons. 

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