Thursday, March 10, 2016

I was sad.

We took a family trip to Pagosa Springs last month and the boys had an absolute blast. They were great in the car and very well behaved at the cabin. They've come a long long way. I was so proud of them and glad to see them adjust well to a new place. It was nice to see the trust and security we provide them. They didn't skip a beat with their behavioral progress. They were sweet and loving towards their friends, each other, and us!

While we were tucking them in one night, Jake called me over to Kade's bed. He told Kade to tell me what he just told Jake. Without prompting, and with zero discussions of visits, all on his own, Kade thought of something he wanted to tell us.

Kade: I was sad.
Me: Why were you sad?
Kade: I was sad.. I was so sad in the car.
Me: In what car bud? On the way here? You weren't sad, you did so well in the car. *thinking he was talking about the trip.*
Kade: no. I cried in the car.
to the visits.
I cried.
I was sad because I didn't know I would come back.
Didn't know I would stay.
stay with mommy and dada.

He paused many times gathering his thoughts, and of course mumbled a few of the words. But, as clear as day, he was finally able to express how he felt all those times he had to leave us and go to visits. I don't remember my exact response because I was processing his words and holding back the tears. But, I am so thankful I can finally look him in the eyes and tell him I am so happy he is our son, he is a Piatt. He is adopted. He is safe. He will always stay with mommy and daddy.

Praise the Lord these precious boys are part of our forever family.