Thursday, May 5, 2016

Baby R

Through the Foster care grapevine we heard of a 6 week old baby boy sleeping in CPS office. They couldn't find placement. So, I asked around, and still, nobody could take him. So, we said yes. We knew it was temporary, but we didn't know how temporary. For 6 days we had 5 children 3 and under. It was fun, and crazy, and wonderfully impossible. We are not ready for a long term placement, so we aren't technically open. But, I am so thankful he came to stay with us.

Baby R was special. He wasn't with us long, and I'll be honest, I didn't view him as a potential adoption at all. I knew it was temporary, but even if the kinship had fallen through, I don't think we would've been the best fit for him. He had a lot of medical needs and I am already stretched thin with my current crew, I know I couldn't give him the full attention he would require. I'm thankful he was with us because I was able to get him into the Foster Care Clinic and they found some things during testing, they may not have otherwise known. I really enjoyed having a little little babe again for a few days, and loved him as best I could. He was so sweet and cuddly. Several people reached out saying how Baby R touched their lives, even though he was with us for such a short time. Many people have gotten serious about becoming a licensed foster family (when they realized a baby was sleeping in CPS office). Sadly, that's happening a lot these days! A sweet friend grew in depth of love and value for the life growing inside of her, and I was encouraged by my boys. 

If you read my last post, you know we still struggle. Things are not perfect. I should really change this blog to Imperfectly Piatt. Because, that's what I really mean by the title anyway. But, having baby R in our home was amazing. Some days I get bogged down by the behavioral battles (three 3 year olds) and feel like there's zero growth. I get discouraged that we are all stuck in a fruitless battle. Wrong. My boys were loving, kind, gentle, helpful, sweet, sincere, and giving to a little baby in need. Really, all of the boys were so helpful. They were patient when I had to feed two babies at a time, or back to back, I was low on sleep and energy so didn't play with them as much as I normally would. We had to stay home and "miss" a lot of things because getting 5 out seemed like a bad idea! They had zero behavioral issues about sharing their home and their momma with Baby R.  When we told them Baby R was coming to stay and why, Carson responded, "Baby R doesn't have a home, and we have a good home so we should share it!" I am humbled by the amount of love my boys are capable of giving.

Saying goodbye wasn't horrible, we were fully prepared for a short stay. I was curious how the boys would handle it. They waved and watched him drive off and Carson said, "I'm so glad they found that baby a home." Kj said, "yea! and we have a home." then Kade said, "Yea, we do! let's go have a snack and then we can play." 

I do find myself missing him and wondering how he is. I pray for him daily. It's up to CPS and Grandma now. Bye sweet Baby R, thank you for reminding us all how important it is to practice sacrificial love. 

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