Saturday, August 6, 2016

didn't sign up for easy, right?

Foster care is hard. It is. It's crazy, unpredictable, emotional, challenging, discouraging, and terrible... it's also beautiful, redemptive, sanctifying, and worth it.

Saying goodbye to a daughter I loved was heartbreaking. But, I am not hopeless. I trust the Lord's sovereignty and I will continue to love any child He brings in our care, for however long He sees fit.

**We are taking a small break from fostering to enjoy our time without the stress of new placements, bio visits, cps visits, etc. But, Lord willing we will foster again.. maybe sooner rather than later.. or not.... more on that in the next few days.. something to do with Kade and a fractured femur!

For now, here are a few of my Baby B faceless favorites:

Custom Ash and Boot watercolor (here)

Packing and taking inventory. 

Early flight. 

Photos from her aunt. 

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  1. So many sweet memories! I just love when you update your blog! Love you and your huge heart.