Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall and Foster update

Yay for Fall and slightly cooler weather. The boys started Mother's Day out in September and they are enjoying it. Carson and KJ love it and Kade is still settling in. We are having a wonderful time without the huge spica cast in our life. We went to the pool almost every day before they closed it for the year. Carson went dove hunting with Jake and the boys are excited to go next year. We built the boys a mud kitchen and they are LOVING it. I'm so happy with how it turned out, and they've spent countless hours enjoying it. Kade is walking so much better now and even able to run and ride his bike. He's still not cleared to climb or jump, so no play grounds yet, but we are getting closer to putting all this femur business behind us.

I mentioned in the last post our foster break was extended through the holidays. With Kade's cast we figured we should take the time to relax a bit and enjoy the holidays before we faced the craziness of a new placement. Well, we've actually said yes to four placements since August. lol I'm sure nobody is surprised, but they aren't typical placements!

Baby Boy #1
I don't remember the exact date... we got a call directly from CPS about a newborn boy who's mom left him at the hospital and relinquished rights before she left and mulptiple siblings already adopted out of foster care. We said yes right away and started to prepare for him. We got a call back in about 30 minutes saying the facts CPS originally received were incorrect. Bio mom had not relinquished and the five siblings were currently needing placement. They were hoping to find a home to take all of them. We ended up saying no to the placement as it would not have worked well for him and his siblings.

Baby Girl #1
August 30th We received word of an 8 month old baby girl, currently in non adoptive foster home. The goal is already changed to outside family adoption. Basically, she needs a family willing to adopt her, and if chosen it would most likely result in an adoption. Without making it complicated, here's how this type of placement works: our agency submits our family profile and other agencies submit their families, then CPS staffs it (has a meeting) and they pick the best fit for the child. It normally takes about a month to narrow it down and set the staffing. We said yes and didn't ever hear back, which means we weren't chosen.

Baby Girl #2
September 19th we got an email about a 6 month old baby girl, currently in a non adoptive foster home. Goal is already changed to outside family adoption. (same as #1). We said yes.

Baby Girl #3
Emergency placement call on October 12th: 5lb baby girl, 3 days old. Her case details made us comfortable to say yes because she likely wouldn't have bio visits and as far as everyone could tell, it would be a good case to take on in hopes of adoption. CPS had already found a family for her by the time our agency had a chance to submit us.

I was actually a little disappointed we didn't get get baby girl #3. Honestly, I'm not ready for a new placement, and newborns are so much work. But, when we heard her name and her story, we just wanted her in our arms. I was disappointed that evening, but woke up relieved we didn't have a new placement. The Lord has a perfect plan for our family, and in His timing we will have another baby girl... or boy. ;)

Whelp, the very next day we received a text about Baby Girl #2, we'll call her Baby A. We were selected as one of the top families. So, October 26th, they'll staff it and decide. It's between us and one other family!!! If we are chosen I'm not sure exactly when placement takes place.. but, we will find out and learn all the details if we are chosen Oct 26th. Yay! Ready or not, we are inactively active. :) Please pray for Baby A and all involved in her case. If we are chosen, I will be excited for sure.. I will also be okay if she is not supposed to be our girl. We've been doing this long enough to trust the Lord in growing our family and we are excited to see what the Lord's will is for Baby A.

**If we don't get chosen for Baby A, we plan to stay "inactive" until January or February. Then we will go back to taking emergency placements.


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