Saturday, October 15, 2016

Summer Update

The day after B left, I celebrated my 30th birthday with friends in Austin. It was lovely and a great time to keep my mind off baby B's move. Also, I'm thirty... so there's that!

We didn't want a new placement right away.. didn't want to jump right back in to bio visits, cps visits, and paper work. So, we figured it would be about 3 months or so. We really wanted to enjoy freedom as a family of 5. We spent every day at the pool, planned to frequent the water park. We wanted to establish regular date nights. Things were looking easy and fun... Unfortunately, the week after B left, Kade fractured his femur. Yes, he fractured his femur and it was a total nightmare. Horseplay in the bathroom and I have no idea how it actually happened. Also, none of their stories line up (go figure!). We had an overnight stay in the hospital. He didn't need pins or plates, thank the Lord, but he did go under for surgery. They manually reset his bone using a live x-ray. Yuck. Then we dealt with the biggest cast ever. no really. ever! He spent 6 weeks in the cast so we were pretty much homebound and limited in activities. No pool or water park. Our easy summer turned fairly complex. After his cast came off it took him 2 weeks to relearn how to walk. We are still in recovery. He has check ups often and is still working on stretching and strengthening that leg. He's doing very well. Honestly, he was a total trooper with the cast and recovery. He learned to trust us to meet his needs and really had to work on his communication skills. It was really rough for the first 2.5 weeks, but then he really changed his attitude and was extremely grateful for the special care he received from us and his brothers. The first thing we did when his cast came off was hit the pool! I'm so glad he can walk again and we are reestablishing normalcy! All the kiddos are doing extremely well. Baby B is doing great and we are still getting updates and photos from her aunt. We plan to start taking placements after the holidays.

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